Emergency Action Plan

West Raleigh Baseball Exchange Club Park
West Raleigh Baseball Association

Emergency Personnel: Coaches and parents

Emergency Communication: Personal cell phone of coaches

Emergency Equipment:

  • Basic First Aid supplies (basic bandages/bandaids, Benadryl)
  • Ice (fill Ziploc or other bags as needed)
  • AED (located above the water fountain in between restrooms OR in concession stand)

Roles of First Responders/Medical Personnel:

  1. Immediate care of the injured or ill athlete by the coach present.
    1. Use cell phone to call 911.
      • West Raleigh Exchange Club Park
        830 Barringer Drive
        Raleigh, NC 27606
    2. Provide name, location, number of individuals involved, condition of injured individual(s), first aid treatment provided, specific directions to location.
    3. Send designated coach and/or parent to meet EMS at the park entrance.
    4. EMS vehicles should enter/exit via primary entrance and drive to involved field/location of individual. Area directly in front of Concession Stand should remain clear at all times to allow appropriate emergency vehicle access.
  2. Send designated coach or parent to retrieve AED & activate EMS.
  3. The coach present should stabilize the athlete as best as possible.
  4. DO NOT move the athlete.
  5. Assess ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation) and provide information to 911 dispatch.
  6. Initiate necessary first aid, CPR/Rescue Breathing, AED use.
  7. Continue to monitor until EMS arrives.