Important Arm Care Information
Posted Jan 30, 2015

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball recently released a program addressing arm safety in youth baseball called "Pitch Smart." This program explains risk factors for arm injuries in youth baseball players and outlines strategies to prevent these injuries. It is extremely informative. Please take a few minutes to review the information on the PitchSmart website.

A couple key points:

  • Winter time (right now) is the logical time to rest the arms from throwing competitively.
  • As a general rule for injury prevention, as well as for athletic development, we encourage young athletes to play multiple sports and avoid specialization at an early age.
  • When players/teams start gearing back up for their spring season, a gradual ramp up of throwing (intensity and distance) over a few weeks is important to prevent some early season arm injuries. Your coaches will provide input on this during the pre-season WR baseball clinic this winter and also will help direct this during the start of the spring season.