WR Facility Improvements 2013-2014

Between 2013 and 2014, West Raleigh was able to make three notable improvements on with the help of its fundraising efforts and some great volunteer work. Below are pictures of:

  1. A cement walkway that goes from the parking lot, down the hill to Woodard and Nowell fields and wraps around Nowell all the way to the third base dugout
  2. A retaining wall around the bottom of the hill at Nowell to prevent severe runoff into the sidewalk and field
  3. A real scorebooth for Nowell

With the help of the West Raleigh community, the league intends to continue and expand its fundraising efforts to provide for more improved fields and other facility upgrades affecting Woodard, Burke and other parts of the grounds. If you are aware of companies and individuals that are interested in donating money or construction services and supplies for these endeavors, please contact wrbaseball.reg@gmail.com.