Frequently Asked Questions

What will the practice schedules be like?
Practices for all leagues except Modified Coach Pitch (MCP) will usually be held 3-4 times per week prior to the start of the season, and twice per week during the season. There could be a scrimmage or two before regular season play begins as well. Practices generally start anywhere from 5pm - 8pm, depending on the league, and last about 2 hours. MCP usually has 2 practices or 1 practice and 1 game per week, both lasting about 1 hour.

Where are practices and games held?
Practices may take place at West Raleigh and a variety of fields located in and around Raleigh, Cary and Apex. Sometimes there will be batting practices held indoors at a batting cage at the coaches discretion and at a cost to the team; this is usually when due to inclement weather teams are unable to practice outdoors.

Games are always held at the West Raleigh Exchange Park at 830 Barringer Drive, Raleigh.

How much will my child play?
Each league has its own rules for minimum playing time. Playing time above guaranteed minimums can be earned on the field with effort, attitude and skill, but is at the total discretion of the head coach.

What is expected of West Raleigh parents?
All in all, West Raleigh requires a LOT of commitment, in terms of time and flexibility, and it is NOT for everyone.

WR parents are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, adhere to the Parent's Code of Ethics and Sports Priority and All Star Conduct Agreement, and to support their children by arranging to get them to practices and games in time for warmups and pregame batting practice.

WR parents are also expected to fulfill assigned concession stand duty, support all charitable and fundraising events, staff the announcer booth and operate the scoreboard. Many WR parents volunteer to be assistant coaches (or at least help at practice), team parents, website administrators, and league volunteers.

What is West Raleigh Baseball's policy about playing over Spring Break?
West Raleigh plays a normal schedule over Spring Break, and games are not cancelled or rescheduled (unless for inclement weather). Parents are encouraged to work with coaches to ensure that teams are able to play with full rosters during this time.

What is the National League all about?
The spring season National League in West Raleigh is somewhat unique. It allows the more talented players aged 11-12 to play together in mixed-age teams. Younger players benefit by being able to practice with and play with older, highly skilled players. Older players benefit by being asked to exhibit leadership and mentorship as well as playing skill. This league is highly competitive, and play within the National League is on par with the best teams in the Southeast. By dividing up by skill as well as age, West Raleigh Baseball challenges early-developing players, while allowing other players to develop at their own pace.

What is involved with the West Raleigh All-Star program?
West Raleigh Baseball offers highly skilled players the opportunity to play in Summer All-Star tournaments. All-Star play affords the best players a chance to play with and against other talented players in a highly competitive setting. This extended and advanced play results in even higher levels of skill and play in subsequent seasons. All-Star play is a privilege which requires a major commitment of time over the summer. The parents of interested players must sign a commitment letter promising to be available for practices, scrimmages and tournaments all summer.

West Raleigh All-Star teams participate in tournaments affiliated with Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball and PONY Baseball. All-Star players are nominated by their coaches, and voted on by all of the coaches for their age group. Then the head coach usually gets to choose one or two players on the roster, but they must have been nominated by their coaches and have received votes from the other head coaches. All-Star teams can be formed for all ages. West Raleigh's All-Star teams are competitive at a state, regional and national levels.

Both PONY and Cal Ripken/Babe ruth teams will play in local invitational "tune-up" tournaments before sanctioned tournament play. Travel and expenses for Regional and World Series tourneys can be significant.