Become an Umpire

West Raleigh has a history of allowing its former players to return as umpires in the Minor League. In order to provide a better trained umpiring staff, Paul Lampe was contracted to take over coordinating the officiating of the Minor League. In order to provide a well-trained staff that is able to meet the demands of the league, each new umpire must attend at least one training camp per year. Each umpire must pay a booking fee to Paul Lampe, the assignor of the umpiring association that covers the games for each season. This fee covers your access to the website used to assign games as well compensates the assignor for his time in putting together the schedule, handling administrative issues and evaluating umpires.

West Raleigh is the premier youth baseball league in the area. The overall officiating at West Raleigh must match this premier level. West Raleigh Alumni umpires will start their career in the Minor League. This is a place where the umpire can improve his skills, mechanics and knowledge of the rules. This is also a place where the umpire can learn to control difficult situations, manage his own emotions and master the subtleties of umpiring before moving up to the older leagues where you must learn to work the plate.

While umpiring is a fun hobby and is a great way to stay in the game after you're playing days, it is isn't for everyone. Umpires must have a desire for perfection, an ability to control their emotions and must be available to work. The best umpire in the world is of no value to the association or the assignor if he is never available to work.

Requirements for Umpiring at West Raleigh

Must be at least 16 years old

Must have reliable transportation

Have an e-mail address and cell phone

Must purchase uniform(s)

Must attend training at a cost of $50

Must be able to work at least 3 out of 7 days during each week

Must be able to handle difficult situations with authority and tact

Must be willing to commit to learning the rules of the game and proper umpire mechanics

Paul Lampe

Cell: 919-624-0419