Concession Stand Guidelines

Please abide by all posted health regulations.

For Parents: Concession Stand Opening

  1. WATER COOLER for PLAYERS- Direct coaches to coolers and ice freezer in back; they should only fill with ice as there is water on each field to fill.
  2. HOT DOGS- Turn on boiler for hot dogs and chili. Check supply of hot dogs and chili in refrigerator. Replenish these from the freezer as needed.
  3. ONIONS- Remove onion from refrigerator, chop onion for hot dogs.
  4. NACHOS- Check nacho cheese dispenser. Change bag if needed. Chips are near machine. Please abide by health regulations.
  5. POPCORN- Turn on the machine's three switches. Wait until the machine is warm then add the mixture bag (it has oil and the kernels-- add them at the same time). Listen for popcorn to stop popping, try not to burn. Turn off the two switches for the kettle pan when not popping; leave light switch on.
  6. COLD DRINKS- Re-stock Gatorade and water bottles from refrigerator in back.
  7. PIZZA- Concession Manager on Duty will arrange for pizza delivery (no payment necessary.) Do NOT reorder pizza after 6:30pm unless you are sure it will be sold please (no waste).
  8. COFFEE- Make coffee, as needed.
  9. HOT COCOA- Heat water for hot chocolate, as needed.

For Parents: Concession Stand Closing

  1. HOTDOGS- Clean hot dog and chili pots from boiler.
  2. ONION- Seal container and put chopped onions in refrigerator and date.
  3. POPCORN- Turn off all popcorn switches. Discard any left over popcorn. Clean and wipe down entire unit.
  4. NACHOS- Wipe down unit.
  5. Wipe all counters and equipment with Clorox solution.
  6. Sweep and mop floor.
  7. Take out trash to dumpster; recycling goes next to dumpster
  8. Wash utensils, pots, pans and containers used. See procedures posted at sink.

For Concession Manager: Duties for Opening Concession Stand and Fields

  1. Open all gate entrances.
  2. Introduce yourself to parents each shift.
  3. Get key to concession stand from lockbox in clubhouse.
  4. Disarm the security system upon entering. NOTE: Punch in code slowly and deliberately until light goes green.
  5. Turn on front and back inside lights by switches outside panel box and when getting dark turn on outside lights by switches inside panel box.
  6. Unlock bathrooms. Flush toilets. Check hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper. Replenish as needed.
  7. Empty trash cans as needed.
  8. Turn on cash registers. Put change money in drawers.
  9. Unlock and open counter windows.
  10. Get baseballs for umpires as needed.
  11. Check announcing booth equipment and confirm coaches have appropriate people in booth.
  12. Periodically check around fields during games and observe coaches, fans, players, etc.
  13. Enforce field use guidelines and assist when needed.
  14. If you run out of supplies, go to local supermarket and use register money to re-stock, and keep receipts.

For Concession Managers: Duties for Closing Concession Stand and Fields

  1. Count money. Place money in bags with total. Place in drop box. Lock door.
  2. Make sure all equipment is turned off properly.
  3. Turn lights out in restrooms. Lock doors and pull down roll up gate and lock.
  4. Lock windows. Be sure to pin the large window in the center.
  5. Turn off lights. Leave motion detector lights on.
  6. Arm the security system.
  7. Lock door-both locks.
  8. Return concession keys to lock box.
  9. Check all fields to confirm announcer booths and equipment box are locked and field lights and scoreboards are off.
  10. Close all 3 gates entrances.