West Raleigh Exchange Club

The West Raleigh Exchange Club is not just about baseball. It is part of the National Exchange Club, a non-profit organization whose national mission is to prevent child abuse through youth programs and advocacy. The West Raleigh Exchange Club is involved and makes a real difference in the community with our many programs. We involve our baseball families in our programs of service because we believe it is important to impart a spirit of community service in our children from an early age, so that we groom a next generation of citizens who will grow up to make a difference in their communities, and for their children.

The Exchange Club meets regularly and guests are welcome. If you would like to find out more about West Raleigh Exchange, or attend a meeting, please contact us.

The National Exchange Club Project - The Prevention of Child Abuse
The National Exchange Club Foundation participates in a variety of educational and fund development programs to create greater public awareness of child abuse and our efforts to prevent it. Hundreds of volunteer organizations, Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Centers and Exchange Clubs dedicate their time to conducting local campaigns in the fight against child abuse. West Raleigh Exchange Club has raised funds for several different child abuse prevention programs, and participates in awareness activities with the baseball program, such as distributing and wearing the distinctive blue ribbons at opening ceremonies, and creating blue pinwheel gardens to draw attention to the tragedy of child abuse and the importance of breaking its cycle. In part, our baseball program is linked to the prevention of child abuse through providing a safe, healthy environment in which children have healthy, trusting relationships with each other and adults as teammates engaged in common goals.

Duke Children's Hospital
For many years, West Raleigh has been involved in taking meals and giffs to the Duke Pediatric Bone Marrow Unit at Duke Children's Hospital. The children on this unit are receiving bone marrow transplants for various reasons, including cancers and genetic disorders, and for many long months, they and their families are confined to this ward while their immune systems are compromised. This is the last resort treatment for most of these children, and the stress on their families is tremendous. The unit holds 16 children, whose families are constantly by their side. The families are comforted by the fact that others care about their situation.

The Miracle League
Miracle League is a baseball league for disabled children located at Adams Elementary in Cary, NC. The West Raleigh Exchange Club is involved promoting the Miracle League through awareness and community involvement. We ask the West Raleigh baseball teams and their families to embrace this league and become involved as volunteers on a regular basis. We believe every child deserves the chance to play baseball. For those able-bodied children who play ball at West Raleigh, and for their families, watching a Miracle League game is one of the most moving experiences they'll have.

Urban Ministries
The West Raleigh Exchange Club holds a food drive twice a year in conjunction with all of our baseball teams. Each player on every team is given a grocery bag with a suggested list of items to buy and bring to the ballpark. Exchange Club/Auxiliary Members help Urban Ministries of Wake County to load the food on a truck and send it to their Food Pantry. In spring and fall, these drives usually each collect over a ton of food which is donated to the Urban Ministries Food Pantry, which currently provides food to more than 40 families a day.

A.C.E. Scholarship Program
A.C.E. stands for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence. The West Raleigh Exchange Club annually sponsors a program to honor outstanding high school seniors in our community who have overcome adversity during their high school years to prepare for graduation and college. This is a positive program that encourages students to overcome their hardships and stay on track toward a high school diploma and a college career. This award recognizes those students who due to their circumstances may otherwise be overlooked for their accomplishments. A.C.E award winners are not necessarily the gifted scholars who have outstanding resumes - these are students who overcome daily struggles and life events that could easily prevent them from succeeding in school and in life, and who persevere regardless of their circumstances. Each Youth recognized during the school year receives a special plaque and a certificate and will compete locally for a $1000 scholarship. The winner competes statewide through Exchange, with a chance to compete nationally and win even larger scholarship amounts.

Youth Baseball Programs
West Raleigh Baseball Association supports approximately 1000 youth baseball players annually, all privately supported. The league has been operating since 1958 at our current facility. West Raleigh Baseball focuses on teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, baseball skills, and healthy competition. WRBA uniquely fulfills the need for a high-level community-based diamond sports youth program in Wake County.