Tie Breaker Rules

If two or more teams have equal league percentages at the end of the regular season, the team that has the edge in regular season head-to-head competition will get the higher place in the standings.

Example: the intent is to break the tie by using the tied teams. If there is a four-way tie for first and Team A and Team B are 2-1 while Team C and Team D are 1-2, in games among the four of them, A and B would be tied for first by virtue of their 2-1 record, with C and D tied for third. Then look at head-to-head between the two (A and B) to break that tie, and then between the other two (C and D) to break that remaining tie.

Example: Teams A, B, and C are tied for fourth in the league standings with identical records. In games among the three, A was3-1, B was 2-2, and C was 1-3. The tie is broken,. A is fourth, B is fifth and C sixth.

Any time throughout the whole procedure that a multiple tie is reduced to two teams, no matter what criteria is being used, use head~to-head competition between those remaining if possible.

If a tie still exists, following the head-to-head comparison, it will be resolved by comparing how the tied teams fared against the rest of the league until the tie is broken.

Example: A and B finished with equal league records and split during the regular season, thereby tying for third place in the standings.

Go to the number one position in the league and compare how A and B did against that team. If the tie cannot be resolved there (both teams split with the number-one team), go to the number two team. Team A lost twice to the number two team but B split with the number two team. Therefore B would be third and A fourth (even though they finished tied for third in the final standings).

If the tie still exists, a draw will be held by the tied teams. All tied teams for a position will draw, with the numbers of the spots for which they are tied in a hat.

Example: A and B are tied for third and the tie is not resolved after going through the procedure above. The numbers 3 and 4 are put in a hat, the teams draw and assume the position of the number drawn. The drawing will be done in alphabetical order.