Coach Selection Policy

Head coaches for every team in the Spring, All Star and Fall seasons are ultimately decided by the West Raleigh Baseball Association Board of Directors. Factors considered by the Board, in no particular order, are as follows:

  1. The Applicant's baseball knowledge and coaching expertise
  2. The League and All Star Commissioners' recommendations
  3. The Applicant's integrity and honesty
  4. The Applicant's previous coaching experience at West Raleigh
  5. The parent evaluations of the Applicant's previous coaching experience at West Raleigh
  6. The Applicant's previous coaching experience elsewhere
  7. The Applicant's interactions with players, coaches, umpires, parents, and league volunteers, employees and officials
  8. The Applicant's continuous support of West Raleigh including, but not limited to, assistance with:
    1. Workdays
    2. Preseason clinics
    3. Food drive
    4. Concession stand
    5. Vs. Cancer
    6. Miracle League
    7. Duke hospital deliveries

Applications and inquiries about becoming an All Star coach are held strictly confidential. All Star coaches have been chosen in varying ways throughout the history of West Raleigh Baseball. As of 2015, All Star coaches like all other coaches will ultimately be voted upon by the Board of Directors and no longer subject to voting by other coaches.