Text Message Alert System- Weather

West Raleigh uses a Text Message Alert System to send critical, day changing news, for example, rained out practices/games for the entire association (not individual teams). We may on occasion send out a text for important reminders. You will not receive any spam or unsolicited content - all messages will be sent from the administrators of the system.

If you subscribed last season and still want to receive the text - NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. If you wish to OPT-OUT, please Click Here and follow the directions provided.

Messages will be sent directly to your cell phone or email account ONLY if you subscribe to the alerts. There are two different ways to sign up:

1. Go to the following link:, https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=a80b0dec296c0a3e47df and input your cell phone number or email address, then wait for a validation code to be sent to your cell phone or email account. Enter the validation code, and you're all set. Note that there are no subgroups in our system. All text message alerts will be sent to all subscribers.

2. Or you can simply text wrbaseball to 84483 to sign up. The sender name will appear as "WRBA" on all alerts that we send. Also, all alerts will include a short, 25 character advertisement. This ad allows us to use the text message alert system without incurring any cost.

Note: If you receive an error message or do not receive a validation code when trying to sign up you will need to contact your service provider and request they unblock shortcodes from your phone.