Lightning Safety -ThorGuard

West Raleigh Baseball Assoc. Weather Alert System.

West Raleigh Baseball Association has an incredible history of success and the necessary protocols and policies to keep our kids and families as safe as possible. This Summer we have invested donated money towards the top of the line lightening prediction system. We are excited about the opportunity take all of the ambiguity out of our current lightning policy to ensure the upmost safety for our West Raleigh family.

We now take the next step, with the installation of the Thor Guard Integrated lightning prediction and warning system.

What is it?
Thor Guard is a proactive lightning warning system-in other words, it measures variables to determine the possibility of lightning, not the detection of lightning that has already struck. It measures the electrostatic build-up and changes in the atmosphere and compares this information to their database containing over 100,000 hours of historical thunderstorm activity. When the system reaches a preset level of red alert, a horn system is automatically activated (not subject to human interpretation) and all areas are cleared. The system is designed to give eight to eighteen minutes of advanced warning of imminent lightning activity. As weather conditions improve, the horn system is activated once again (three 5 second blasts of the horn).

How is it controlled/monitored?
It is all computer controlled and activated. It completely removes subjective decision making and replaces same with proven scientific equipment.

Who uses Thor Guard?
Over 1000 universities/athletic complexes across the globe use this system. The PGA Tour and the NFL both use the system.

Who pays for this technology?
West Raleigh Baseball Association totes the entire bill for the system, to include quarterly maintenance of all equipment. All equipment belongs to the league.

Will we have access to this information?
Thor Guard has a
Mobile App for all iPhone's, iPad's, Android phones or tablets. It will be centrally managed on our website as well. You will not need any other weather app-just point your device's web browser to the web link provided for a quick, concise weather tool to see exactly what this system is seeing, for coverage at WRBA, where you actually need it.

Because this is about so much more than just baseball…

When in threat of lighting

  • When the ThorGuardX is activated it will blast a loud siren for 15 seconds. Once the alarm sounds that means WR facility is in iminent threat of a lighting strike. Once the Alarm sounds EVERYONE needs to BE INSIDE thier cars.
  • WR will not resume activities until you hear Three 5 second blasts, signalling ALL CLEAR.
  • DO NOT HANG OUT: Dugouts, Concession Stand or in the press box
  • Failure to comply with the WR lightning policy will result in a forfeit of a practice(s) or, further dicipline subject to the Board of Directors. We should take this matter very serously.