WR Travel Ball Policy


1) If a player leaves the West Raleigh spring rec league, and/or summer all-star program for travel ball prior to completion of his 12-year old year to pursue another baseball option, that player will be welcomed back to the league as a non-guaranteed spot. However, his/her parents will no longer be eligible to serve in a leadership role in the league for either the returning player or any sibling remaining on any WRBA team. For the purposes of this rule, a Leadership role is defined as Board of Directors, Baseball Committee, Head Coach, Assistant Coach and/or Team Parent.

2) Nomination to Summer All-Star teams and Fall Select is considered a reward for competitive play, strong sportsmanship and loyalty/dedication to the West Raleigh organization. As specified in the current All-Star nomination letter, players who accept an all-star invitation must commit, in writing, to not play for a travel baseball program during the given All-Star and Fall Select periods (typically June 1 through mid-November). Similarly, players who leave the West Raleigh baseball program, for a travel organization, prior to completion of their 12 year old year, will be eligible for consideration for league play (as a non-guaranteed spot) but will not be eligible for future consideration for All-Star nomination/play.


3) If the Board of Directors determines that a current West Raleigh coach, assistant coach or parent is actively recruiting players/teams away from West Raleigh to a given travel team(s), such coach, assistant coach or parent will face disciplinary actions from the Board, up to and including permanent expulsion of the player/family from the League. The definition of recruiting shall include but not be limited to the following. Encouraging families to leave West Raleigh to join their team. Using or providing contact information, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to those that are recruiting.

Board of Directors
West Raleigh Baseball Association